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My father's family is a of Lolita Bosch and is, at the same time, a book of history. A tour of the Barcelona of the last 200 years.

In addition to collect hundreds of historical references, the text contains a lot of personal references. It is, therefore, a vital; in the biographical sense, but also in the sense of need.
As an atonement, Lolita Bosch, the Narrator more personal of Catalan literature and current Spanish, makes the effort of summergir in his own story, that of the family of their father. Surrounded by references in the Catalan capital and beyond, of Mexico, the island of Menorca, of all the spaces that the biography of the writer and of their families have come, my father's family, stops at certain life experiences to relate them to their ancestors and to tell us how these were key figures of the Catalan culture and politics in the Barcelona of the end of the 19th century.
Without revealing the secrets that keeps the narrative, only we avançaré that the author makes a review of some of the determinants of the modern Catalan culture, from the end of the 2nd Republic, until the pump of the Lyceum to the creation of the Nautilus of Narcís Monturiol or the construction of the Port of Barcelona.
Effective and generous Communicator, Lolita Bosch offers a rigorous and passionate story. A story that flows, which has a life of its own and who wants to be told.
The Lolita brings the literature the name and history of the surname and this translates into a perfect, that transforms a historical work excellent in a large
A that will delight those who enjoy discovering Barcelona.